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SeerSound.com is your official source for Seer Systems Reality software and support. Seer Systems Reality delivers a very compelling sound to your music. You have to hear it for yourself to understand. Once you do, like many of us, you’ll find it hard to let go.

Artists have been using Seer Systems Reality for more than a decade to create unique-sounding music once possible only via esoteric hardware. The advent of computers makes these unique sounds more accessible through the many software synthesizers available. Not all of them are created equal, however. Seer Systems Reality uses higher precision algorithms than any other computer-based synthesizer to date. With 80 bits of computational accuracy, that’s 16,384 times more precision, or an entire CD’s worth of bit depth, above and beyond 64-bits.

Even with all the software out there vying to replace your aging hardware, it is interesting to see how many musicians still prefer the real thing. We think this has everything to do with lack of precision in commonly available software. Seer Systems Reality lives “close to the metal” to circumvent the limitations of your CPU, so you don’t have to wait for 128-bit systems to arrive (whenever that is) to get the sound you want. You can use Seer Systems Reality right now.

We know that picking the right hardware to run Seer Systems Reality is difficult. It requires a special operating system with full access to interrupts and a professional grade audio card with carefully written drivers. Here at SeerSound.com, our goal is to help you build your Reality system or provide you one preconfigured. We eliminate the guesswork and get you going quickly, so you can forget about the hardware and start creating.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that 80-bit audio actually has 16,384 times more precision than 64-bit audio and not just 16 times. It has been corrected!

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