The Ordinary

An ordinary man sits at a window-facing bar in an ordinary city in the middle of the day. Aside his laptop rests a rather ordinary coffee cup. What is the weather like? Nothing unusual. This is not an uncommon scene actually. He’s just another blogger in a coffee shop. He types away frantically in an attempt to energize and inspire his readers. Thousands of blogs are read daily by millions, who are searching, for something cool, something different, something unique. But the unique, by definition must be rare. Deep down inside we lament the sad truth. Mundane is the norm.

At first a reader may see something amazing, the excitement is really there. Links are exchanged among friends and a new passion is born, but as time moves along, slowly, the excitement erodes. An unseen force or just life perhaps, slowly eats away the passion, until the excitement fades.  What is this horrible destroyer of the extraordinary? Can it be stopped?

Life will always take a toll. The ordinary will always demand its tax from the extraordinary, but not to the degree you would think. Things are not what they seem. An ordinary man, might not be so usual. This might not be just some average city. That coffee cup may not be so ordinary either. Maybe it’s not even coffee at all.

What do you actually know about people, things, and life? If you dig deeper, you may conjecture that reality itself conceals more than you ever thought possible, and you would be right.

For every question you may have, for every longing, every yearning – no matter how difficult it may be to obtain – there is an answer. Your first step down the path of wanting to gratify your passion will more than overcome the force of erosion working against you. Life is only as usual as you make it, so what are you waiting for?  The ordinary has never been so unusual…

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